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We offer inspirational learning products and support career pathways in active leisure, learning and wellbeing. Our products consist of regulated vocational qualifications, learning experiences and recognition schemes which you can choose from to enhance your education pathway and employment prospects. You can register onto our products through expert education providers which we term recognised centres. If you need advice or would like to be registered onto one of our products, we will help you to source a recognised centre near you. This portal is designed to provide you with guidance into our services.

Learner Enquiries

You can make an enquiry or request advice at any time. We have an expert team in place to acknowledge enquiries within one working day of receipt. Where technical information is required, we provide a detailed response within five working days after the acknowledgement.

Please note that we are not obliged to disclose information if to do so would breach a duty of confidentiality or any other legal duty.


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