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We partner with industry specialist organisations who provide the technical expertise in the development and continuous review of our products. In the spirit of true collaboration and to support the development of world-leading solutions there are no product development fees. We work with partners to conduct social research and establish a clear demand for each product before entering into a formal agreement. We then collaborate to develop, launch and continuously review the product; consulting widely with product users and equality experts to ensure it remains fit for purpose, safe and accessible.

We expect our partners to promote and champion industry standards, regulated qualifications, self-determined learning and industry awards. Every product must benefit our learners and our industry. We also expect that our partners maintain high levels of integrity and comply with legislation, regulation and our policy; reporting suspected malpractice or maladministration and declaring any conflicts of interest. This portal is designed to provide potential and current partners with guidance into our partnership approach and associated product lifecycle arrangements. If you would like to propose a product development idea or discuss any aspects of our partnership approach, please contact us.
Partner Enquiries

Any established partner or any organisation who aspires to become a partner is eligible to make an enquiry or request advice on any aspect of our service at any time. We have an expert and helpful team in place, and we will acknowledge all enquiries within three working days of receipt. Where a technical response is needed, we follow up on the acknowledgement with a detailed response within ten working days. Please note that we are not obliged to disclose information if to do so would breach a duty of confidentiality or any other legal duty


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