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Recognised Centres are expert education providers which we approve to deliver our products. Our products consist of regulated qualifications, regulated apprenticeship solutions, learning experiences and recognition schemes.

We will grant Recognised Centre status based upon your capacity and capability to comply with the Transcend Centre Recognition Criteria. These are inclusive of the Product Approval Criteria outlined to each product specification. Recognition status cannot be achieved without applying to become approved to deliver at least one product.

To gain recognised centre status you must identify which product you aspire to offer and then apply for recognition and product approval through our fair, unbiased and robust process. When status is granted you are expected to comply with the Transcend Recognised Centre Conditions in the management of your organisation and in the delivery of all products you are approved to offer.

We are committed to excellence and have created a recognised centre compliance reward scheme. This means we do not charge for centre recognition or product approval and only apply fees based upon risk-based monitoring results where non-compliance and performance risks are detected. If you are an expert education provider operating in our sectors, please make an enquiry.

This portal is designed to provide applicant organisations and recognised centres with guidance into our criteria, conditions, mandatory processes and services.

Recognised Centre Enquiries

Any potential or recognised centre is eligible to make an enquiry or request advice on any aspect of our service at any time. We have an expert and helpful team in place to acknowledge enquiries within one working day of receipt. Where a technical response is needed, we provide a detailed response within five working days of the acknowledgement.

Please note that we are not obliged to disclose information if to do so would breach a duty of confidentiality or any other legal duty.


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